Athletes Wing


This wing is dedicated to those who made their contributions to USIBA through their time as athletes. While success in the ring is one factor, there are other things that should be considered. Here are some factors that will separate a Hall of Fame fighter.

  1. Multiple years of continued participation: competing in a USIBA tournament for multiple years (with or without multiple titles).

  2. Quality of fights: At many of the USIBA tournaments, fight of the night awards were given out and this is something that can be used to separate a hall of fame fighter

  3. Winning the Ira Mitzner or other Boxing Scholarship: This is a prestigious honor by itself and goes to those who not only do well in the ring, but also in the classroom.

  4. Holding a leadership position in their club: Many clubs wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for strong student leadership. A lot of fighters are also club presidents, team captains, and even coaches. They donate a considerable amount of time to their clubs and schools, often at the expense of their own training.

  5. Continued participation and service in USIBA: This could include working as a student representative or taking other official positions in USIBA while competing or after graduating.

  6. Academic All-American Honors: Qualifying as an academic all-American can be included in a boxer’s Hall of Fame nomination

  7. To be nominated for the USIBA Hall of Fame, the student athlete should have completed their participation in USIBA boxing matches. Active USIBA boxers won’t be considered until they have concluded their time as a competitor.



Kevin Bosma (University of Michigan) (2023 INDUCTEE)

Kevin Bosma boxed 4 years for us (2011-2015) and was the Captain of the men’s team. He put the team on his back to help us win our first ever Men’s team championship in Miami in 2014. Kevin won the novice championship and then faced a much more experienced boxer and outboxed him to win the 201# Open championship. More importantly, Kevin was the leader of the men’s team for 4 years. He never missed a practice, He demanded excellence from his teammates who saw him as the hardest working guy in the gym. I put a lot of responsibility on Kevin, both inside and outside of the ring, and he did’t disappoint. More than any other boxer I have coached, Kevin is responsible for the great success we have enjoyed as a team by setting the foundation of hard work, leadership, and achievement. After graduation, Kevin stayed on to help coach and help ensure a smooth transition from his leadership to a new generation of Michigan boxers.

Raul J. Muniz (Palm Beach State College) (2023 INDUCTEE)

Before college, Raul J. Muniz was a six-time amateur boxing champion, including earning a Bronze Medal at the U.S. Junior Olympics. Raul began his collegiate boxing career by competing in the 2016 Sport Abroad competition in Portsmouth, England, where he defeated a European bronze medalist from the University of Portsmouth. Later that year, Raul became a United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association National Champion (165lbs – Open Division) via TKO in the second round. Raul proudly served as a student-athlete representative from 2015-2018, where he represented the interests of three hundred collegiate boxers before USIBA’s Board of Directors. Raul’s journey in the ring ultimately inspired him to develop a 501(c)3 non-profit organization during college that served low-income youth through an after-school boxing program in Palm Beach County, Florida. Raul graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University and his Juris Doctor from St. John’s University School of Law.

Willie Ferrell (Florida A&M) (2023 INDUCTEE)

3-time USIBA National Champion, winning the 201+ division in 2013, 2014, and 2015 while remaining undefeated at USIBA / College Boxing events. He has also served as team captain and coach of the Florida A&M team and has since promoted professional boxing shows in Tallahassee, Florida.

Christopher Andrews (UC Riverside) (2023 INDUCTEE)

He won the USIBA 132 lb beginner division national title in UC Riverside’s first year of competition in 2018 and then won the USIBA 132 lb novice national title in 2019. He was poised to compete for the 132 lb novice national title in 2020, but the tournament was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He also served as captain of the UC Riverside competitive fight team and vice president of the UC Riverside Highlander Gloves boxing team.

Kevin Cryderman (Florida State University) (2023 INDUCTEE)

Competed in the USIBA National Championship tournament for four straight years from 2015-2018. He won the 178 pound beginner division as a freshman in 2015, was a finalist in the 178 pound division as a sophomore in 2016, was a semi-finalist in the 178 pound novice division as a junior in 2017, and won the 189 pound novice division national championship in 2018 as a senior. He also served as the team captain and club president in 2017.

Courtney Jackson (University of Miami) (2023 INDUCTEE)

He won the USIBA 152 lb national championship in 2013 and again in 2014, upon which he graduated and turned professional, accumulating a pro record of 22-4, including losing a title eliminator bout against Maurice Hooker.

Robert Arias (University of Illinois) (2023 INDUCTEE)

He competed in the USIBA tournament four straight years from 2015-2018, winning the national championship in 2015 (152 beginner), 2016 (152 novice), and 2017 (152 novice). His only loss in this tournament in the open division in 2018 was against a fighter with over 100 bouts.


Christine Le (University of California, Riverside) (2023 InDUCTEE)

She won the national championship in 2022 tournament in the 132-pound beginner division and also served as the president of the club where she grew the club to unprecedented heights bringing the largest team ever from UC Riverside to the 2022 tournament (15 boxers, compared to 4 in the previous tournament and 7 in the one before that). She was also the first female boxer to compete and win a national championship for UC Riverside, and was an Academic All-American in the 2021-2022 academic year. The tournament being canceled due to covid-19 kept her from competing in prior years. Additionally, she continues to pursue amateur boxing while volunteering for a non-profit gym that serves at risk-youth in the area by teaching boxing instruction in return for the kids keeping up their grades.

Lara Drondoski (University of Florida) (2023 INDUCTEE)

She won the USIBA national championship in 2015 and again in 2019 while serving as president of the University of Florida Kickboxing club and being responsible for them competing in these tournaments. Lara competed in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Currently Lara is an ICU nurse and just moved to the UK.

Shelby Harrison (University of Illinois) (2023 INDUCTEE)

She competed in the USIBA tournament in 2018 (165 beginner), 2019 (152 novice), and 2022 (152 novice), and won the national championship in all 3 years.

Kate Johnson (University of Michigan) (2023 INDUCTEE)

Katheryn “Kate” Johnson is the reason there is a woman’s team at the University of Michigan, She was a founding member and encouraged other women to join. She was the captain of the team and its leader. She won the beginners 125 title in Miami in 2014 after which , because of Kate, we merged the women's and men's team together to form one team and practice together. The West Point women had won the team title 2 years in a row (2013/2014) and in 2015 Kate was able to motivate her teammates and defeat Army to win the team title. Kate was an individual star that year and beat the Army captain to win the 119 Open division in a thrilling bout . Kate was 7-0 in her college bouts in an era where it was hard to find female opponents. Kate graduated in 2015 but stayed on help coach until the pandemic closed the team down. . She is a task master in conditioning and sparred with the younger girls to help them improve their skills. Quite simply she is the best female boxer I have ever coached.


Sydney Luciano (Florida State University) (2023 INDUCTEE)

She was a finalist in the 2018 USIBA national championship tournament and won the fight of the night award for her finals match, which she lost by split decision. She then won the 2019 USIBA national championship for 152-pound women’s division and was named one of the Ira Mitzner scholarship winners that same year. She also served as captain of the team and president of the club, and kept Florida State University viable as a boxing club during her time at FSU. She would have competed and coached the team at the 2020 tournament had it not been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coach’s / Officials Wing


This wing is dedicated to coaches and/or USIBA board members and officials who have dedicated an exceptional amount of service to USIBA. This could be based on the number of years the coach has participated in USIBA, the success of their respective teams, character displayed during USIBA events, and other contributions to USIBA (serving in USIBA leadership roles, hosting events, etc.). Similarly, officials could be included based on their years and quality of service to USIBA and USA Boxing as well as the quality of officiating.

Mac McCadden (2023 INDUCTEE)

He has been a member of USA Boxing before 2007 and is the first and only chief of officials for USIBA from 2012 to current. He has been instrumental at every national tournament with gathering the most proficient and experienced USA Boxing officials as well as mentor to several boxing officials over the years, while also serving as a mentor and role model to athletes. He is a current member of USA Boxing Alumni association.

Luke Runion (2023 INDUCTEE)

The founder of USIBA, former president, and former coach of the Maryland Boxing Team. Luke is responsible for starting USIBA and paving the way for inclusivity in college boxing. This organization would not exist if it were not for his tireless efforts in the early years of its formation.


This wing is reserved for those individuals and companies who have made significant contributions to USIBA and college boxing as donors and/or sponsors. Nominations to this wing of the Hall of Fame can be made by USIBA Board Members.


Title Boxing has been a huge supporter and generous donor to USIBA for many years. Title offers major discounts to all USIBA members and has donated the beautiful and coveted USIBA Championship belts for a majority of our tournaments. Title Boxing has also donated boxing gloves yearly to be used at our tournaments and then donated to one of our USIBA schools for club use throughout the school year. Title Boxing has donated bells, aprons, timers, and numerous boxing items to the USIBA National Tournament contributing significantly to its yearly success.  With Title Boxing's faithful support over the years they have demonstrated their deep commitment to the collegiate boxing community. Their support has continuously played a key role in the success of our organization.


Rachel Mitzner's commitment to collegiate boxing and education, in her late husband Ira's name, has been so important to our organization for many years. She graciously provides $10,000 donations for the Ira Mitzner scholarship fund every academic year. USIBA appreciates and is genuinely grateful to Ms. Mitzner for supporting our organization and our student athletes. We thank her for being such a good example to all members of our organization and inspiring our athletes to work even harder to make a difference!