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Individual Registration

New Registration Process

  1. All new coaches and boxers must individually register on USA Boxing's online portal:
  2. Accessing the correct form
    • First-time Registration, click: "Join USA Boxing"
    • Otherwise, click: "Renew Your Membership"
  3. Filling out the information in the 6 Steps
    • Be sure to mark yourself as a college student in the dropdown list.
    • Select "USIBA" as your membership organization.
    • Fill out remaining applicable information.
    • Coaches must pass a background check, and online certification course.

Membership Renewal Process

  1. Existing boxers and coaches must renew annually at the link above.
  2. Membership is based on the calendar year so first time boxers who register in the Fall will register twice in their first academic year.
Two college men boxing

The annual fee to register with USIBA is $65 for athletes and $85 for non-athletes.

Athlete Registration Guide

Instructions for USA Boxing athlete registration

Non-Athlete and Club Registration Guide

Instructions for non-athletes (including coaches) and new club registration

Contact Us

Email for questions and support.