Do you want to host USIBA Nationals 2020?


Nationals 2020 proposals are due by June 1, 2019

The date of the 2020 USIBA National Tournament will be March 19th-21st. The USIBA Board Members are accepting proposals from schools/clubs that are interested in hosting the USIBA 2020 National Tournament.


Hosting a Nationals Tournament has many advantages:  free tournament registration, no traveling, revenue from concessions and ticket sales, more fans in the audience, etc. But a host also has more responsibilities.  Most of the items below do not require a large monetary investment.  Instead they require planning, organization, and students who can volunteer to help.   In order to ensure a great tournament, the USIBA Board of Directors asks a potential host to address the following needs/requirements:


1. Travel

Which airports are closest to the school?  How far?  How would boxers get to/from airport?

We would favor a proposal from a school in close proximity to lodging/restaurants/activities.  USIBA does not want to be responsible for transportation. 


2. Lodging and Host Hotel

Are there lodging discounts for boxers/coaches (i.e., a negotiated rate with a hotel)?  USIBA does not want to be responsible for arranging housing.

The host will be responsible for providing 9 hotel rooms for officials/referees/doctors for 4 nights (or 36 total hotel nights) preferably with a complimentary breakfast.

The Host Hotel must be able to provide:

·          A meeting room for students and coaches (outlined below)

·          A white board or bulletin board in the lobby for daily schedule of events

·          A weigh in area (outlined below)


3. Weigh-ins 

Two sets of scales, Official and Unofficial (four total scales) are needed.

An unofficial set of scales must be available in the lobby of the host hotel from 6-9am each morning.

Two private areas for weight/physicals (females and males) must be available 6-9am each morning.

Four volunteers with automatic blood pressure cuffs (to record these before doctor physicals) must be present 7-9am all three mornings.

Two doctors must be present from 7-9am for the 3 days at weigh ins to do physicals.  (If you cannot find a doctor, USIBA can bring one at the host’s expense.)


4.  Meeting room 

During matchmaking the first morning, a student volunteer is needed to computerize the brackets and project to the front of the room. This person must also be at weigh-ins all 3 days from 7-9am and will be responsible for calculating team standings. This person must have good computer and analytical skills.

A photocopy machine and printer should be available for printing brackets and bout sheets.


5.  Venue

The venue must be large enough for two rings (also provided by the host school) and an audience. Each ring should have a projector showing the bout sheet and current bout.

There must be adequate space and tickets available so that parents/friends/spectators can attend (we don't want the fire marshal saying the venue is too small).

The school must meet their state requirements and be responsible for costs of an ambulance on site if applicable.

A doctor must be present ringside during the tournament.  (If you cannot find a doctor, USIBA can bring one at the host’s expense.)

Is there convenient and available parking?

There should be concessions available at the venue for fans/boxers. (Good revenue source for you) 

The host must also provide:

a glove table and worker

tables for vendors

tables at ringside

a PA system and announcer 

spit buckets for corners

seating for boxers and coaches

American flag and Anthem music or vocalist to start each day of boxing


6. Special Perks

Can your school provide live streaming or video recording of all bouts? Can it be televised?

Can you bring in a celebrity?

Would you be willing to provide food for the officials and/or boxers?

Are there local attractions that make your area special?




The USIBA Board will evaluate proposals to host based on the above criteria and any special attributes a school is able to offer.  Please submit your proposal to by June 1, 2019.


We look forward to hearing your proposals!