USIBA is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to collegiate boxing.  USIBA functions as a competitive amateur boxing league where our member teams are club sport programs and participants are full time undergraduate or graduate students.  USIBA's mission is to use amateur boxing as an outlet for participants of all skill levels to build character on their path to educational and life success.  USIBA provides leadership-merit based scholarships and programs that engage students with local charities near their academic institutions.

What makes USIBA a leader in collegiate boxing?

  • Insured club sport program awarding Men's and Women's Student Championships 
  • Inclusive Championships offer team participation in multiple divisions created for safe competition
  • Partners with USA Boxing to offer hands on guidance and best practice documentation for campus intramural tournaments 
  • Scholarships for student leadership and athletic achievement
  • Student Athlete Caucus allows club leaders opportunities to participate in organization decision making
  • International Boxing Exchange Program 
  • Available to all US colleges, universities and junior/community colleges

USIBA Governance and Structure

USIBA is a Non-Profit Organization incorporated in the State of Kentucky. USIBA is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws. USIBA Member Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Faculty Advisors, and Staff agree to the USA Boxing Code of Ethics.

USIBA is an Associate Member of the National Intramural-Recreational Sport Association. NIRSA comprises and supports leaders in collegiate recreation. As college and university students develop into future leaders, NIRSA members support their learning and growth by fostering lifelong habits of well being. Leadership, teamwork, dedication, and respect are among the many skills exercised by inclusive competition, fitness, and recreation.